Saturday, November 30, 2013



My name is Anne, but I'm commonly known as Avogana on the web. I am a full time single mother, a full time analyst, and a part time (wish I had more time) artist. I've got a few other blogs dedicated to specific subjects, but never really had a place to just write about life and all the other miscellaneous stuff that pops into my head, so I decided to create one more blog.

Here you will find recipes that turned out yummy and simple enough to make again. Successes and failures in things I've attempted. I'm an avid do-it-yourself junkie, so there should be lots of How-To posts for my own ideas or links to those I've tried that work.

I'll also post my artwork here and use it as a hub for my other blogs. The other blogs are dedicated to weaving, beading, recycling/upcycling, and candles. I also have a Zazzle storefront where you can view and purchase items with my designs on them.

I could never really decide on just one art form, so you'll see stuff here that doesn't fit on my other blogs. However, if it does fit on one of my other blogs, I'll just announce here when I post something new to those. There will be a link you can follow if your interested in learning more. I'll do the same when I have new art posted for sale somewhere on the net.

Hope you find my posts useful and enjoyable. Looking forward to reading all your comments!


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